Meet the designer

katelyn woodhams


A Colorado Native, and artist all throughout my life, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from CSU. With so many interests and loads of passion I double concentrated in Graphic Design and Metalsmithing/Jewelry Making. After graduating, I developed my design skills, eye for photography, and my ninja abilities in photo retouching while working for a local portrait photographer. After developing her brand, I knew I wanted to help other entrepreneurs and artists create the same connection between their passion and the branding that tells their story.

Katelyn Woodhams Owner and Designer of Fire and Flow Designs
Katelyn Woodhams Owner and Designer of Fire and Flow Designs


I have an intuitive sense for people. From getting to know you and your business – I will ask the right questions to truly understand your story and the vision you’re bringing to this partnership. I’ll bring a delicate balance of providing my expertise with thoughtful compassion to let you know the difficult things you may not want to hear but need to hear. My OCD-like attention to detail is going to be apparent in everything I design for you. I promise to be open, communicative, and patient as we work together.


When I’m not finessing designs – I am constantly busy with DIY projects or home renovation projects as well as an avid yogi. The meditative connection between breath and movement keeps me grounded and is my favorite type of self-care. I love being in the mountains, snowboarding, camping, and going to music festivals/concerts with my friends. My boyfriend’s and my favorite thing in life is our sweet little nugget of a puppy named Fae. We call her many names; Princess Faeona, Faeby Girl, Gremlin, Mushy – but we definitely call her our therapy dog for a reason.