Brand Design

H.U.G.S  | Homeland Urban Gardening Systems

H.U.G.S. (Homeland Urban Gardening Systems) was created from the idea that we can do more to reduce our personal waste, love our soil, enhance the health of the planet, and grow better, healthier local food. Their holistic approach to locally grown food utilizes pocket farms and composting to reduce waste. Bryce Schaetzel, an educated, experienced, and deeply committed gardener and composter, brings his love of the soil, composting, and care for the Earth to the table in a way that hasn’t been realized to date in Northern Colorado.

His goal is to fill a great need for more advanced, healthier food production in our community. By making composting easy and accessible, he hopes to encourage more people to take part to help in reducing waste, by teaching the benefits and importance of composting to increase our food independence, help preserve biodiversity, and protect the environment.